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Naturopathic consultations are complex and incorporate a detailed history of your life. After all your health is important. My primary concern is to restore health and well being to my clients just as nature intended. Balancing the physical and emotional symptoms to effectively bring about change. Understanding the triggers of your ill health, is what steers me in the right direction for your treatment. I don’t look for quick fixes, but longstanding results to get you back to a happier way of life. Emphasis is placed on getting you well again as quickly as possible. I aim to get people off the ‘merry-go-round’ and get to the underlying root causes of their symptoms.

Naturopathy offers a holistic approach – assessing dietary requirements, correcting nutritional deficiencies and utilising the healing power of herbal medicines where needed. Thorough investigations are employed to address your presenting symptoms. The therapies I use in clinical practice are heavily researched and evidence based. I like to examine the science and data and then utilise my knowledge and experience of natural medicines to individualise your health care.

**Telehealth appointments are available (either phone or zoom) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Appointments in clinic Friday only.

Initial consultation

The initial appointment is for 60 minutes and focuses on detailed health information including your past and present medical history, dietary habits, and your daily routines. I like to include some basic examinations. These could include iridology assessment, blood pressure, thyroid check and tongue diagnosis. Any previous blood test results can also be reviewed.

Should further testing be necessary, I can organise this for you. I endeavour to collate as much information as I can at this first visit, so that I can establish an effective plan moving forward. My aim is to get you long term results with a plan that is maintainable and achievable to work with. We work together to create an individualised treatment focusing on your needs.

Return consultation

Follow up appointments are for 30 minutes. We take stock of how your treatment is progressing, create any adjustments to ensure your health is on track. Prescriptions may need altering and we can move through new strategies and educate you on how to maintain your health over the coming weeks.

10 minute Telehealth Consultation

Discuss your health concerns and see what treatments are available for you (free of charge).

Energy Healing

Energy healing activates the body’s subtle energy system to remove blocks. Encouraging a better flow of energy throughout the body, allows it’s natural healing ability to return.
In clinic appointments only – Geelong.


Testing can be easily arranged. I can provide you with a blood draw form and you can have testing done at a collection centre near you.

Some of the types of testing available are:
  • BioScreen – for quality gut testing profiles
  • Nutripath – for hormones, nutrients, organic acids, food intolerances etc.
  • Use of other labs when necessary