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1/204 Myers St, Geelong. Victoria 3220
About Christine
A little more about me…

My fascination with plant medicines and treating holistically has been a life long, loving journey. I was introduced to naturopathy from an early age, whereas a child growing up, I was faced with my own health challenges. Suffering from chronic bronchitis for many years, it was at this time, my parents embarked upon naturopathic advice to help with my healing and recovery. Travelling down this path, my interest in naturopathy was ignited. Natural health care has so much to offer and I repeatedly see this in the people I treat.

Outside of clinical practice, I am often found green thumbing in my garden. Growing healthy organic foods is one of my most treasurable past times. Sunny days will see me tending the soil and scrutinising what plants I need to find space for. As any gardener can appreciate – you can never have enough plants!! Other happy life events I’m always indulging in, are reading inspirational books, taking yoga or pilates classes and cycling through the countryside. Spending time with my family is another ongoing love. My children give me such incredible insight and joy. I truly treasure my time with them. Life is such a gift and I always live by the mantra of ‘finding happiness in each and every day’.

  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
  • Diploma of Applied Science (Naturopathy)
  • Member of NHAA (Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia)
  • Level 2 First Aid Certificate
  • Working with Children Check

Christine Howell is a qualified and accredited practitioner, who is passionate about restoring people’s health and enabling them to move forward in a positive way. She graduated with a Diploma of Applied Science from the Southern School of Natural Therapies back in 1991. She also graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy some years later. Following her studies, she was gifted some treasurable opportunities training with some pioneering greats of naturopathy.

During Christine’s early years of practice, she was of a cohort of practitioners, considered to be a ‘bit out there’. Thankfully, that mentality has worn off and people see the genuine efficacy of plant medicines. Herbal, nutritional and lifestyle support is the perfect way to encourage our body’s natural healing ability.

Working as a leading naturopath in one of Australia’s largest integrative clinics for many years, Christine specialised in treating thyroid and complex hormonal conditions. She was regularly involved with training and mentoring practitioners.

Utilising functional testing and pathology has always been paramount to achieving such wonderful results for her patients. Conditions can often be misunderstood and poorly managed. Scrutinising over the smallest of details helps piece the puzzle together. Christine delights in seeing people improve, often well beyond their expectations.

Spanning a career of over 25 years, Christine Howell has treated people of all ages and walks of life. She is involved in writing course programs and mentoring to student naturopaths. Her love of healing, travel and yoga have come together in several trips to India over the years, reigniting her passion for ayurvedic medicine central to Rishikesh and northern India.

She regularly participates in ongoing professional development seminars to gain access to the latest scientific research available for complementary medicines. Her depth of clinical practice and commitment ensures she can facilitate quality patient care in a supportive and nurturing environment.