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Mastering the mind


Anyone suffering from mental health conditions will surely tell you that it’s not necessarily an easy disorder to overcome. Particularly if you are trying to navigate the path on your own steam. When you are unable to make rational, well thought out decisions, it can prove to be a daunting process to wade your way through the mental fog and get yourself back on track again.

Just not feeling right?

Typically, anxiety and depression are associated with low moods. A host of other emotions can subsequently follow. These too, will often get caught up in the tangled mind web. Have you ever suffered from issues surrounding, loneliness, jealousy, nightmares, sadness, isolation, hostility, rejection, unhappiness? A trillion emotions can lead to the way you feel.

Why do you feel so low and disconnected to the world?

Stress will do it! So will poor gut health! Hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, side effects to some prescribed medications and even nutritional deficiencies. The way you view the world is not only impacted with the events you are faced with daily, but also influenced by other underlying root causes. Establishing what these could be, is not as daunting as it first may seem. Just some clever detective work is required, to get you back on track again.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Yes, that’s right! Your gut can be a major trigger to how the mind operates. Research suggests that translocation of bacteria or it’s byproducts from the gut microbiota into the circulation, can eventuate as a result of intestinal permeability. Inflammation is common in the gut. Especially when it’s out of balance. It is now recognised as one of the primary factors involved in depression and anxiety.

Addressing the Stress

Stress can affect our bodies at a biochemical level. Physical, emotional and environmental stresses necessitate a truckload of fuel to feed the brain as it deals with the incoming advances. It’s radar is set and unlikely to budge off course, unless of course the fuel supply has diminished. The sympathetic nervous system responds to stress, simply by switching our brains into fight or flight mode. Over time, when not being managed efficiently, the brain is deprived of it’s nutritional weaponry and then there is a decline of our essential vitamins and minerals.

Nutrients for Healthy Brain Functioning

Research indicates that even short-term dietary changes can initiate microbial changes in the gut at a species specific level. A variety of nutrients are required to support and help manage adrenal issues. These tend to vary from person to person. High dose magnesium, B complex vitamins and herbal medicines can be a naturally restorative solution, however an individualised approach is essential. No two people alike, nor are their symptoms, nor should be the recommended treatment.

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