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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?


Water is designed to perform a multitude of functions in our bodies. Primarily, healthy drinking water will provide the following:

  • Helps to prevent dehydration
  • Improves digestion, thereby assisting with constipation
  • Assists in balancing body fluids
  • Lubricates joints
  • Aids in brain function and clearer thinking
  • Promotes health kidney functioning
  • Enables physical activity
  • Regulates body temperature
  • May relieve headaches
  • Keeps skin healthy

Boiling your water, in the kettle does not remove the contaminants. You are only heating your water!  Bottled water still has chemicals, especially the plastics that still come through into water you are consuming. So still not ideal. Finally, tank water….oh boy!, where to start on this one?? It amazes me how many people I encounter, who do not filter their tank water.

Certainly, I’m under the impression that some people think, tank water is utterly safe and drinkable.  Wrong! Pure rainwater – it’s natures gift from the heavens above – right? Ahhhh, well actually – no. Research suggests that drinking rainwater is not as safe as you might have imagined.

Tank water contains bacteria and microbes that can lead to gastrointestinal illnesses. Basically, you can be poisoning yourself with every mouthful. Toxic metals can float in from air pollution. If gutters are not cleaned effectively, their can be a build up of water and dampness. This allows moulds to develop and escape into that stored water supply. Droppings from birds and possums can deposit on roofs and end up in tank water. Health issues can start to develop because of this. So a few things to keep in mind before, you down that next glass of water.


Do you really know what is in your drinking water?  Not all water is healthy and safe for us to drink. If you are reliant on tap water as your main means of water supply, you may need to read on to see what it is you’re really consuming. Unfortunately, our water supplies here in Australia mimic those of a chemical cocktail. Your daily dose of hydrating liquid is nothing short of a host of nasty chemicals.

Harmful water contaminants can include carcinogenic compounds, chlorine, fluoride, aluminium and a host of other heavy metals, chemicals from agricultural crops – so we’re talking DDT, phenols, glyphosate, hormones, pharmaceuticals and the list goes on and on…..  Consequently, there can be a host of contaminants coming through your tap.


By far, the easiest way to consume healthy water is to opt for filtered water. This ensures you are free from the chemical burden that regular tap water contains. Beware, there are water filters and then there are water filters.  Some are so basic they don’t really stack up and eliminate the major nasties that should really be avoided – so read the labels to see what the manafacturer claims.

Undeniably, my recommendations are the ‘under the sink’ type filters which will give you a very comprehensive filtration system but these can be pretty pricey though.  The other option, and there are a variety of similar companies providing these types of filters, is the multi-stage filtration unit. If you need clarification or wish to discuss further, feel free to call me, I can advise on suitable types for your needs. These portable units are a great option, as they can be placed on benchtops, moved to other premises if you are moving or renting – a really versatile product.

Above all, it should be designed to provide you and your family with a healthy drinking water alternative.